How Can I Register With SandAndArt ? 

You do not have to register with us if you are looking to place your order. Howeve, if you want to be our special customer and be noted with new sales and discounts , then we will be glad to be in our registered list.You can easily register yourself by providing us necessary information like-Your Name, E-mail, Mobile No., Address, City, etc. We assure you that your information is secure with us. The information you provide will help us to contact you regarding your orders and transactions.

What is My Account?

Once you have registered with SandAndArt , “My account” section option will approach you to your own private account; you can manage your account details, track your orders and manage your reward points through “My Account” section.

Why do I Set up an Account?

There are numerous of benefits to creating an account for SandAndArt . With this account you can:

  • Review your Favorite Products.
  • Edit Your Account Details and Track Your Orders, E-mails and Promotions.
  • Check your Order History and Maintain an Address Book.
  • View My SandAndArt Cart and Manage Your Reward Points.

How Do I Shop with SandAndArt?

Just browse and start adding products in Cart. If you want to give away the gifts to your near ones on special occasions just add products to My SandAndArt Cart and don’t forget to sign in. Once all the products have been added to the Cart you can process the final payment transaction.


How can I be updated on the offers and promotions?

Stay in touch with SandAndArt for the latest offers and promotions on the website and also at an SandAndArt social media links. At registration time we provide you with an option to choose for email subscriptions. You will also find a link on various pages of the website to choose for this option to subscribe. 

You can just enter your email id and send it to us. To unsubscribe you can manage through 'My Account section' if you are a member or from the mail which you have received in your email id.



How Do I Get SandAndArt Coupon Code ?

Stay in touch with SandAndArt for the latest offers and promotions on the website and also at an SandAndArt social media links where we announce the availability time for coupon codes for certain limit time or contact us and ask us for your coupon.

How Can I Pay for My Stuff at SandAndArt ?

  • At First, add products to your SandAndArt Cart.
  • Next step is Shipment details. Enter the recipient's address or select self-option to send it to yourself. You can also send message to the recipient.
  • Click on Proceed link to enter payment details. Select your desired date of delivery and payment option. Click on Check out" button.
  • The final step to confirm transaction gives you the complete details of your shopping cart with shipping charges and reward points that you have earned.
  • Click on Pay now to connect to secure payment gateway for entering the credit card details to PayPal.
  • PayPal will send you an email providing you details about your current shopping status, order date with your desired delivery date and recipient's address information.


Is It Safe To Shop With SandAndArt?

Online Shopping at SandAndArt Website uses Netscape's SSL encryption that is Internet standard for secure transactions. We make available to you shopping that offer you the highest standards of security on the Net; so as to ensure that your shopping experience remains personal, safe and secure. 

Your credit card information goes to your bank for authorization directly without any information passing through us. Your bank will issue an approval code, which will be sent to us.

What, If There Is a Problem in the Order?

If there is any problem in the order that you have placed, our customer care will help you and answer your queries. 
Email: customer-services@sandandart.com

Why to Shop with SandAndArt?

The key success to SandAndArt online is the quality of products. Everything that you buy online is exclusive.


Please, feel free to check out our official website : https://www.SandAndArt.com